Release Notes - Portal

These release notes are for the web side services associated with Migration Manager: Document Portal, Web Questionnaires, Webleads

June 2019

  • Document Portal
    • Modified the look and handling of the Inbox, Search and Sent windows to now appear full screen.
    • Added caching to subdomain checks to improve speed
    • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Webleads
    • Add the ability to redirect to another webpage post submission of an assessment (needs MM version
  • Web Questionnaires
    • Contacts Tab - Yes/No questions for the relevant included applicants have been added to better direct the end user
    • Current Relationship tab - Added a field for Place of Engagement for Partner visas
    • Date field issue - Fixed an issue where if there were two dates on a page, it was possible for a user to click in such a way that the first date would not save
    • Employment Tab - Made visible a field for Full Time/Part Time/Casual information for 186/187 visas
    • Family Sponsor Employment - Instructions on the grid and modal have been modified to make it clearer whose details are needed
    • TSS Subsequent Entrant WCIQ - will now show warnings if no information has been entered about the spouse or child who is joining the main applicant (the main applicant in this questionnaire is the person holding the primary visa)


May 2019

  • Document Portal
    • Significant speed improvements made to the loading of the Portal and the sections within the Portal
    • Added a tooltip for the Documents required icons
    • Modified the Cookies notice to be more prominent
    • Fixed an issue where uploading multiple documents show the details as a zip file instead of the individual documents
    • Modified the colour of the Open Questionnaire button to make it more prominent
    • Fixed an issue where the horizontal separator lines on a message window appeared larger than normal on some browsers
    • Modified the layout of the security and privacy notice
    • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Webleads
    • Fixed an issue where the edit button was not appearing for previously added qualifications
  • Web Questionnaires
    • Logo - Modified the firm logo on the WCIQ to match the Portal and improve the look of the logo on IOS mobile devices
    • Date fields - modified the way in which the WCIQ displays an issue with missing date information
    • Dependents tab - Modified the tab label to show the initials instead of the full name
    • Partner Visa Questionnaire - Add pages for witnesses
    • Addresses Tab - Added a Yes/No question so that it is more obvious whether the page has been skipped or whether there is no answer
    • Family - Modified the wording of the child custody question
    • Future Travel - Added an option to copy previously entered travel plans
    • Passports - Add a dropdown option that lets the user select one of their names that they have previously added to the WCIQ
    • Travel History - Added a yes/no question for each person so that it is clearer whether data is meant to exist or whether the question has been skipped
    • Unicode - Improved the handling of unicode characters


April 2019

  • Document Portal
    • Fixed an issue where document uploads to a message window where not aborted when canceling a message attachment
    • Added additional reporting functionality for Migration Manager reports (available via the Reports window in MM)
    • Added the display of a compatibility warning if using an unsupported browser
    • Fixed a cosmetic issue affecting the alignment of the logon page on IOS
    • Fixed an issue where dragging and droping a PDF on to the upload panel caused the document to display in the browser
    • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Web Questionnaires
    • Improve the performance of the submit page loading
    • Improve the performance of the Terms and Conditions section on the submit page loading


February 2019

  • Web Questionnaires (Migrant)
    • Partner Visa Questionnaire added
    • Australian Employment - Modify the wording of the position to be paid question
    • Family Sponsor - Fixed an issue where the Family Sponsor passport expiry date was limited to 2019
    • Future Travel - Modified the Future Travel section to have Yes/No questions for each person
    • Education - Added Yes/No questions for Science, Business, Technology question
    • Relationships - Added a questions for Celebrant Name and Related by Blood
    • TSS Subsequent Visa Applicant questionnaire - modified the wording to make it clearer what data is needed from which person.

December 2018

  • Document Portal
    • Fixed an issue with the Portal footer not appearing properly on IE11
    • Fixed an issue where the password recovery caused an error


October 2018

  • Document Portal
    • The Documents Required section is now hidden if there are no documents listed as being required.
    • Automatic log out time period changed to 60 minutes
    • Fixed a typo where the word "upload" in the portal under "documents required from you" was spelled "uplaod"
  • Webleads
    • Removeed the Load Form button from the starting page and replace it with an option in the dropdown to resume a saved assessment


DP 1.16.0

  • Document Portal
    • Messaging - Fixed an issue where replying to a long message resulted in the text of the messaging appearing outside of the message box frame
    • Messaging - Fixed an error received by some users of Internet Explorer when opening an unread message.
    • Portal - Fix an error message a user received when trying to reset their password
    • Other minor fixes.
  • Webleads - Fixed an issue that occurred when a user tried to upload a document before a previous upload had finished.


DP 1.15.0

  • Document Portal
    • Messaging performance enhancements
    • Significant changes to the layout and icons of the grids in the Document Portal to make it easier to view on different devices and browsers
    • Moved the rejection information to the more information/upload modal
    • Added the ability to refresh the messages, activities and documents grids separately without having to refresh the whole page
    • Added Cookies disabled warning
    • Fixed an issue with iPad and iPhone format issues
    • Fixed an issue where the Portal was not displaying correctly that a document had been ticked off as having been receive outside of the Portal
    • Modify the information displayed on the completed modal
    • Modified the behavior of the user name not valid warning from Password Recovery
    • Modified the layout of the messaging grid
    • Fixed an issue where uploading a document to a rejected item does not refresh More Info section
    • Fixed the alignment of icons on non mobile devices
    • Fixed an issue where messages could not be opened on the iPad in Portrait view
    • Other minor fixes.


DP 1.11.0

  • Document Portal
    • Fixed an issue where clicking Upload File wasn't refreshing the icons
    • Fixed an issue where the Document Portal was not logging out if it was logged out from another browser tab
    • Add improved Error notification pages
    • Added addition padding to the logo placement on the log in screen
    • Fixed an issue where the Document History List extends off screen for very long file names
    • Fixed an issue with PDF Questionnaires not being visible for some users
    • Other minor fixes.
  • Webleads
    • Fixed an issue where clicking 'previous' would navigate to the visa selection page
    • Add 482 Visa to Visa dropdowns
    • Fixed an issue where the Company Logo does not appear on Thank You screen after the Online Assessment and General Enquiry


DP 1.8

  • Document Portal
    • Security enhancements to make the Portal GDPR compliant
    • Added a Security and Privacy modal with new information for GDPR purposes
    • Added a GDPR Cookies notice
  • Webleads
    • Security enhancements to make Webleads GDPR compliant
    • Modified the deletion of data processes
    • Modified the submit declarations to allow users to define their own declarations via Migration Manager