Create and Lodge a Nomination Application

To be able to lodge a Nomination Application via eLodge, the Sponsor must contain a Nomination record for the Migrant on the Nomination tab.   The following steps will take you through the process.

Note:  For eLodge to populate accurately, the Business Sponsor Matter and Migrant Matter must be populated with Data. This would normally occur via sending and receiving a Migrant and Business Questionnaires, or via manually data entry.

1. Open your Sponsor Matter

2. Go to the Nominations tab

3. Does this Nomination involve a Sponsorship?

If the Nomination is part of a Standard Business Sponsorship or Temporary Activities Sponsorship, ensure that a Sponsorship row exists for the Nomination you wish to process.

3.1. Create a Sponsorship Row

If the Sponsorship does not exist, create it:

  1. Click the Add button in the bottom right of the Nomination grid.
  2. Select New Sponsorship.
  3. Select the appropriate Sponsorship Type.

The Sponsorship row will now exist.

If you import a Nomination Questionnaire, Migration Manager will automatically create a Nomination and link it to the Sponsor as part of the process (see Importing Business Questionnaires).  However, you can manually create the Nomination and link to the Migrant using the procedure below.

4.1. Click the Add button in the bottom right of the Nomination grid

4.2. Select New Nomination, then select the appropriate Nomination subclass

4.3. If the Nomination requires a Sponsorship, choose the Sponsorship record, then click Select.  For Nominations that do not require a Sponsorship, go to Step 4.4.

The Nomination is now created, and the Migrant has been linked

Now you can start eLodge

5. Open the Migrant Matter

eLodge for Nominations must be run from the Migrant Matter, not the Sponsor Matter.

6. Click the eLodge button

7. Select the Application Type and Sub-Type

  1. Select the Application Type as “Nomination Application”.
  2. Select the Sub-Type from the dropdown menu.

8. Click “Start Application”

From there, you will process eLodge as normal.  For full details on how to use eLodge, see How to use eLodge.