Manually downloading forms from LEGENDcom

Using the Migration Manager Update window, Migration Manager has the ability to download LEGENDcom forms and place them in a Forms template folder ready to be used by the Form Merge process.  However, if there are technical issues like Firewall or other Internet issues etc, you may need to manually download a Form until the problem is resolved

Note:  If you are having issues downloading forms, please ensure you log a support call (via Help => Log a Support Call Online) so the technical team can investigate for you.

Manually Downloading LEGENDcom Forms

1. Go to the immi login Page.

2. Log in using your immi credentials (which has a LEGENDcom subscription).

3. On the Information Page, click Continue.

4. At the top right of the My Applications page, select Manage Account.

5. On the My Services Page, select LEGENDcom.

6. On the LEGENDcom home page, select Go to LEGENDcom.

7. On the LEGENDcom page, select FORMS.

9. Save the Form to your Migration Manager Forms Folder. This will usually be something like M:\Forms or M:\DIACForms.

Now that the Form is saved, you can proceed to merge the Form in Migration Manager.