Changing Matter Numbers

After creating a Matter, you may decide that a different Matter ID should be used for that Matter. To change a Matter ID, follow these steps:

1. Enable User Permission

In order to change a Matter ID your user profile must have permission to change the Matter ID. To set the user permission you will need to first login as Administrator.

1.2. Access Preferences

From the Main Menu, select Tools, then Administrative, then Preferences.

In the top toolbar, go to Tools > Administrative > Change Matter ID
1.3. Set the User Permission

Now go to the User Permissions tab and set the user to 'Allow User to Change Matter IDs'. The click Save & Exit to finish.

Once this change has been made, you can log back on as yourself.

2. Access Change Matter ID

From the Main Menu, select Tools, then Matter Management, then Change Matter ID.

3. Select the Matter

From the Matter dropdown list, select the Matter that you want to change the ID of.

Select the Matter

4. Enter the new Matter ID.

Enter what you would like as the New Matter ID, then click Change Matter ID.

Record new Matter ID.

5. Confirm Change

To confirm the change of Matter ID, click Yes.

Confirm Change

The Matter ID and all associated folders and documents will now be changed to have the new reference ID.