Snapshot – Expiries option

The Expiries option will show you all expiring Visas and Sponsorships in the date range selected.

How it works.

On the Applicants => Visas tab of a Migrant file, Visas show an Expiry Date and ‘Track in Snapshot’  option.  These 2 fields are used to track expiring Visas in the Snapshot Window.

Likewise, on the Nomination tab of a Business Sponsor, sponsorships show an Expiry Date and Track in Snapshot option.  These 2 fields are used to track expiring Sponsorships in the Snapshot Window.

The Visa/Sponsorship Expiries window options:

1.  Search Options.

  • All.  Search both Sponsorship and Visa Expiries in the Date Range.
  • Visas. Search only for Expiring Visas in the selected Date Range.
  • Sponsorships.  Search only for Expiring Sponsorships in the selected Date Range.

2.  Date Range.  Based on the above selection, select the date range to Search upon.  The default dates pull from your main Snapshot date range selection.

3.  Refresh.  Refreshes the screen with any amended records.

4.  My Files Only.  Show only Expiries where you are the RMA, Manager or Clerk of the Matter.

5.  ‘Track in Snapshot Items Only.  Only visas and sponsorships which have ‘Track in Snapshot’ ticked will be selected.  Un-tick this to see all Expiring Visas and sponsorships in the range.

Using the Visa/Sponsorship Expiries window:

Right clicking on a row will give you more options.

  1. Open Matter.  Opens the Matter that relates to that particular Visa or Sponsorship.
  2. Set as Active Matter. Sets the Matter as Active, but does not open the Matter Window.
  3. Mark as Complete. This option removes the ‘Track in Snapshot’ tick from the Migrant or Sponsor so it will no longer appear in Snapshot.  The Visa or Sponsorship record itself remains unaffected.

Other options:

Double clicking on a Row will open that Matter and take you to the relevant Visa or Sponsorship record.