Snapshot – File Notes option

The Filenotes option will show you the Filenotes you are responsible for. You can mark these items as complete, send a note to another staff’s Document Inbox regarding an item, or open the Filenote for editing.

The Filenotes options:

1.  Search options:

  • All.  Any Filenotes with a Review or Deadline Dates that falls within the Date Range.
  • Review Date.  Only Filenotes with a Review Date within the Date Range.
  • Deadline Date.  Only Filenotes with a Deadline Date within the Date Range.

2.  Date Range.  Based on the above option, select the date range to Search upon.  The default dates pull from your main Snapshot range selection.

3.  Refresh.  Refreshes the screen with any amended records.

4.  My Files Only.  Only Filenotes where you are the RMA, Manager or Clerk of the Matter.

5.  My Notes Only. Only Filenotes where you are physically assigned as the Responsibility for that item.

Using the Filenotes window:

Right Click Options

Right Click on a Filenote for more options.

  1. Open. Opens the Filenote for viewing/editing.
  2. Undock.  Undocks the current open Filenote from this window so you can continue to view other Filenotes whilst leaving this Filenote on screen.
  3. Mark as Complete.  Sets the Filenote Status to Complete.
  4. Send To. (RMA, Manager, Clerk, Other).  Send this item to the selected Person’s Document Inbox.
  5. Open Matter.  Opens the Matter that relates to that particular Filenote.
  6. Set as Active Matter. Sets the Matter as Active, but does not open the Matter Window.
  7. Delete Filenote. Providing you have the correct permissions, you can delete the Filenote

Other options

Double Click on a Filenote to Open the Filenote

Click on the Expand icon to see summary details of the Filenote.