Snapshot – Tasks option

The Tasks option will show you the Progress Items you are responsible for.  You can mark these items as complete, change the Responsibility, change Due Dates or edit the comments for a Progress Item

The Progress Items/Tasks options:

1.  Sort by Due Date or Completion Date.

2.  Range.  Tick to Select a From and To date range.

3.  Checkbox Options

  • My Files Only.  Only Items where you are the RMA, Manager or Clerk of the Matter.
  • My Tasks Only. Only items where you are physically assigned as the Responsibility for that item.
  • Hide Completed.  Hides any items which have been marked as ‘Done’.
  • Prompt for Scan.  When a Document type Progress Item is marked as ‘Done’, Migration Manager will prompt for a Document to be Scanned.

4.  Restore.  Any changes that has been made on this screen but not Saved yet can be reverted to how the screen was when it first appeared/was last saved.

5.  Save.  Save changes to this screen without needing to exit (otherwise changes can be Saved on exit).

6.  Excel.  Exports the contents of this screen to Excel.

Using the Progress Items/Tasks window

1.  Client ID.  Right Click on the Client ID for the options of Setting as Active Matter, or to Open the Matter.

2. Due Date.

  • Dates that have passed their Due Date will appear in Bold Red.
  • Items Due today will appear in Red.
  • Items Due in the next 7 days will appear in Orange.
  • Items Due later than 7 days will appear in Black.
  • The Due Date can be changed on this screen if required by double clicking in the field.

3.  Resp.  The RMA, Manager or Clerk that is responsible for this Item.  The Responsibility can be changed if required.

4.  Date Requested/Commenced.  Date can be entered/adjusted if required.

5.  Done. If the Item is complete, tick the Done box which will automatically populate the By and Completion Date Fields.

6.  Comments. Enter or adjust any comments for that Progress Item.


When complete, as you exit this screen you will receive a message noting that changes have been made and if you wish to Save.

Click Yes to save.