Snapshot User Settings

When Snapshot opens, it will display to the user the number of items with review dates / expiry dates set to occur in the designated display time period. A user can change what the default display time period is and whether the numbers displayed also include expired items.

1. Open Snapshot

If Snapshot is not already open, click the Snapshot button in the main Toolbar

To make changes to user preferences you must first login as the Administrator

Login As Administrator

2. Open the Preferences

Click the User Preferences Setting icon.

Open the Preferences

3. Edit the User Preferences/Options

The User Options window will now appear. You can edit the default time period that Snapshot will display when it is opened as well as whether the numbers displayed will include expired items.

Edit the User Preferences

4. Save and Exit

Click Save & Close to finish and save your preferences.

Save and Exit

5. Snapshot will now display the new time periods whenever this user opens it.

The selected user will now have use of the New Snapshot