How to Save a Report Template

Migration Manager's Report Creator allows you to create user designed reports coverning nearly any field / piece of data recorded in Migration Manager. The reports interface enables you to set a multitude of parameters to display the data you require. However once you create a report you may want to also save it as a template so that you can re-run the report in the future. The following article sets out how to save a Report Template

1. Click the Reports button

The Report creator window will now open.

2. Create the Report

Using the Report Creator window, set the paramaters on which you want to generate a report.

The example below will include fields for the migrant's Surname, Given Names, Date of Birth, Passport Number and Passport Country of Issue, plus modified to filter the result to just show the firm's Subclass 820 matters along with details on who the RMA is each matter.

3. Click Save

To save a copy your Report Creator for future repeated use, click the Save button and follow the prompt.

4. Give the Report a Title

Give the Report Template a Title so that you can find it easily in the future. Click OK.

5. Add a Description

You can use the Description field to provide some additional details about the report to help you find it in the future.

6. Saved Reports

The Report Template will now be saved in the Saved Templates tab of the Reports window. To use this Report Template again in the future, just select the report and click 'Build Report'.