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How to generate a Report on clients engaged during a specific time period

Migration Manager's Report Creator allows you to create user designed reports covering nearly any field / piece of data recorded in Migration Manager. The reports interface enables you to set a multitude of parameters to display the data you require. The following article sets out how to create a report that gives the user a list of all of the firm's clients engaged during a particular time period.

NOTE: There is video example at the end of this page.

1. Click the Reports button

First, click the Report button in the Main Toolbar.

The Report creator window will now open.

2. Set the Default fields

Using the Report Creator window, you now need set the paramaters on which you want to generate a report. First take note of the parameters which are set by default as these will affect the results. Any item which is ticked will include a column in your report showing the associated information.

3. Set the fields to report on

Now select the data that you wish to report on by adding those data fields as columns to your report .

3.1. First choose the Category of field you wish to include in your report.

3.2. Select the relevant field from the category

From column 2, choose the field that you want to set as a column in your report.

Tip - Some categories have a lot fields available to report on. Use the Search bar to narrow down the options.

3.3. Set any required Filter

For each field, you can also set a number of different filters to those search fields so as to narrow the results which are returned. If you set a filter it will limit what is shown in accordance with the filter. Furthermore the available filters are different depending on which Field you have selected. If you do not want to filter this field, but rather just report on it, leave the filter blank.

Example: In this example we can see that the report will be limited to providing data for files where the engagement of the firm has taken place after a date - so the filter is set to "Is After (Date)".

3.4. Set the value of the filter

Now set the value you want the filter to filter by. In this case a date is selected in so that the field will be filtered to show only matters where the engagement date was after the 1st of January.

3.5. Click 'Add Column'

To add the row to the report, click the 'Add Column' button. The row will now appear in the grid below.

3.6. Continue adding columns to report on

In this example, because the report is only to cover a set period of time, the user needs to add another parameter to the search setting an end date for what is covered. To do this, add another column with a filter set to "Is Before (date)" and add the end date of the search.

4. Click Process

When you are ready to generate your report, click 'Process'.

5. Review the Report Results

Once you have clicked Process the Reports Results window will appear with a list of matters and/or applicants which meet the search criteria.

Tip - If you want to view the Matter of a particular entry, click the 'View Client' button.

It is recommended that you save a copy your Report template for future repeated use. To do this, click the Save button and follow the prompt.