Beta Testers - How to Provide Feedback

Regular users of Migration Manager will know that the software developers are constantly working to release new features and updates to help migration professionals work more efficient and effectively. Beta Testers play an important role in helping contribute to the development and final testing of these new features prior to each update release.  Beta Testers may be able to identify issues emanating from their environment or work practices that will not have arisen through the testing regime undertaken by our developers.

If you are a Beta Tester, we ask that you provide feedback via our BETA Feedback function in Migration Manager. To use the Feedback function, please follow these steps.

1. Register your interest to become a Beta Tester

If you are interested in becoming a Beta Tester, please contact Support.  You can contact Support by clicking on Help => Log a Support Call Online or emailing [email protected]. If you are not a Beta Tester, the BETA Feedback function will not be available to you.

2. Click the BETA Feedback button

If you come across an issue, find a bug, or just want to provide constructive feedback to the developers about a new feature you are testing in the update, please click the BETA Feedback button in the top toolbar.

3. Enter your Details in the Feedback Form

The Feedback form will now appear. Insert your details so that we know how to contact you.

4. Insert details of the issue/bug/feedback

Next provide as detailed as possible a description about the error/issue you are receiving or issue you are having. You should also attach any screenshots that you have of the error as this will make it easier for us to diagnose the problem you may be having.

To take a screenshot, we recommend you use Windows inbuilt Snipping Tool. For instructions on how to find and use your Snipping Tool, please see: How to use Windows built in Snipping Tool to Capture Screenshots

5. Click Submit

Click submit to provide your feedback

Your feedback will now be lodged with the Migration Manager support and development team. Once your ticket is lodged, you will receive an email confirming your ticket has been received and that a member of the support team will contact you as soon as possible.

6. Thank you

Thank you again for being a Beta Tester. Your testing of the update and constructive feedback helps Migration Manager to continue to become a better product for all users.