Receiving and Reviewing Webleads

Migration Manager's Webleads system allows you to receive, review and assess enquiries and initial assessment questionnaires from your own website. This instruction page deals with how Webleads are received and processed in Migration Manager

1. Notification - Snapshot

If a Weblead has been received by Migration Manager, all users will see a notification in Snapshot within the Webleads cell.

2. Open the Webleads window

To see a list of all of the Webleads which have been received and that have not yet been processed, click the Webleads number on snapshot

The list of Webleads received and not yet processed will now appear.

3. Review a Weblead

To review a Weblead, click the Review button next to the relevant entry in the grid.

The Weblead details window will now appear. This window has 3 columns:

  1. The list of Questions as they appeared on the online assessment questionnaire;
  2. The answers provided by the person completing the assessment questionnaire; and
  3. The answers/values that will be imported in to the Matter if it is created. Note that by default the Values to Import column is left blank.

4. Update the Values to Import column

When you first open the Weblead, the Values to Import column will have no information in it. The reason for this is that it is up the user to decide what information will in fact be imported in to Migration Manager if this Weblead is in fact turned in to a Prospect. You should review all of the information contained in the Questionnaire Answers column and decide what information should be added to the Values to Import column. There are three ways to add information to the Value to Import column:

4.1. Click the >> copy button on each section

On the right hand side of each section of data in the Questionnaire Answers column, you will see a button marked >> - this is the copy section button.

By clicking the >> copy section button, you will copy all of the data from the section in the Questionnaire Answer column across to the corresponding Values to Import column.

Repeat this for each section that you want to copy the data across for.

4.2. Click the Copy All button

If you are satisfied with all of the data that appears in the Questionnaire Answers column, you can move all of it at one time in to the Values to Import column by clicking the Copy All button.

By clicking the Copy All button on the top of the page, all of the information contained in the Questionnaire Answers column will be copied in to the Values to Import column

4.3. Manually Add text and sections

You can at any stage manually type or edit information in the Values to Import column. To add information, just click on the relevant cell in the grid and start typing.

You can also add whole additional sections if you want to add even more information by clicking the "Add..." button in the relevant section.

Important: Please note that not all of the information from the Questionnaire Answers can be imported in to the Migration Manager database as there may be questions asked in the Questionnaire for which there are no corresponding fields in the database. For example, some of the Health and Character questions in the Questionnaire are very generic for which there is no corresponding location in Migration Manager. If a field can not be imported in to Migration Manager, the cell will be marked N/A

5. Review and Remove Unnecessary Data

If you have added information to the Values to Import Column that you do not want to, you can either edit/delete a single entry by clicking on the cell and making changes, or you can remove an entire section by clicking the erase button next to each section

6. Set the Responsible Staff Members

Before you can import a Weblead in to Migration Manager as a Prospect, you must assign some responsible Staff members who will have conduct of the matter. To do this, go to the bottom of the review window.

For all or any of the rows, click on the Value to Import column and select from one of the available staff members.

If you have Offices set up, you can also select one of these in the Office row.

7. Import the Weblead as Prospect

When you have finished reviewing and editing the Weblead, you can convert the Weblead in to a matter in Migration Manager by clicking the Import button or the Import and Open button. If you select Import and Open, the matter will be opened once the import has been completed.

After you have clicked the Import button, you will need to specify a Matter ID. Click the OK button to complete the import.

Note: If details of a business or family sponsor have been included in the Initial Questionnaire, you will be asked to confirm a Matter ID for this file as well.

Note: If the client has marked the incorrect person as the Primary Applicant, you can Change the Primary Applicant at time of import.

Changing the Primary Applicant

1. Click the ‘Change Primary Applicant’ button.

2. Select who you would like as the Primary Applicant.

3. Select the relationship of that person to the other applicants in the Weblead.

4. Click 'Set as Primary Applicant'