How to Deactivate a User

If a User profile is no longer needed, it should be deactivated. User profiles are not deleted as that would result in issues with historical information that might have been recorded against a matter.

1. Accessing Add/Edit Users

From the Main Menu, select Schedules, then Users, then Add/Edit Users.

If you don’t have access to this feature, you may need to log into Migration Manager as user Administrator.

2. Select the User

Now select the user that you want to deactivate and then click the More button followed by the Deactivate User option.

3. Assign Matter Ownership

You will now be required to decide what happens to the Matters on which this person has previously been listed as a responsible staff member. Your options are:

  1. Transfer to another user.
  2. Remove the users details but don't re-assign.
  3. Leave the details on the Matter.

4. Transfer Tasks and Inbox items

Next you will need to determine what should occur with this users outstanding Tasks/File Notes and Inbox items. You have the options of:

  1. Assigning these items to another user.
  2. Remove the person's details and not assigning (not recommended).

5. Click Deactivate

To finish, click Deactivate.

You will now be asked to confirm the deactivation. Click Yes to proceed.