How to use the User Setup guide

When a user logs in for the first time they will be presented with a short set up guide that is designed to help them set up their settings and options.

NOTE The User Setup Guide is available as of Version 8.8.1


Note: The User Setup Guide can be accessed at any point in time by going to the Tools menu and clicking User Setup Guide

1. Before Commencement

Before you commence working through the User Setup Guide, it is recommended that you read the instruction articles for each section as they provide useful information and instructions. To access these instructions, click the question mark buttons.

2. Click the relevant button

Areas which have not yet been set up are marked as Not Done. To set up a particular option/setting, click on the button in the User Setup Guide

The relevant settings window will now appear. Follow the instructions from the related guide to make the necessary changes. Once you have completed a section, it will be marked as Done