How to merge a Template Letter

Migration Manager's Template Merge function allows users to create template letters and documents in Word and then merge those with information and data from Migrant and Sponsor files. For instructions on how to create a template, please see: How to create a Template Letter. The instructions below cover how to merge a Template that you have created using one of the sample templates that comes pre-installed with Migration Manager.

Video Demonstration

1. Open the relevant Matter

First open the Migrant or Sponsor matter that you wish to merge a letter/document for.

Note that Migrant and Sponsor matters use different template lists. The list shown to you will depend on which type of matter you have open and active.

2. Click the Letters button

Click the 'Letters' button in the main toolbar to bring up the Word Templates window showing a list of all of the available letters and documents able to be merged for the active matter

3. Select the document / letter to merge

Once the Word Template window appears, use the folder tree on the left hand side to find the folder that contains the template that you wish to use. Then on the right hand side, select the letter/document template from within the choosen folder that you want to merge.

Quick Tip - If you want the letter/document to merge and save with a file name that is different to what the default Template Name is, you can type the preferred name in the 'Save Merged Document As' column. When the merged letter saves to your computer, it will now be saved with this name.

4. Click Merge

When you are ready to merge your choosen template, click 'Merge'.

5. Review the completed Document

The template will now be merged in to a Word document with the relevant information from the matter being inserted in to the corresponding merge fields in the template. The Word document is then saved in to the relevant matter and can found in the Documents tab under the letters Out sub-folder. To open and edit the document, just double click it.