Activating the Secure Client Portal for a Matter

This section describes how to add a matter to the Secure Client Portal and notify your client of their access details.

Suggestion - when you first use the portal, you might like to set up a dummy matter with your own email address and add that matter to the Portal. That way you will be able to log in to the portal yourself and see exactly what your clients will see when they use the Portal.

1. Open the Portal Form

Open the matter, click on the Progress tab and then click the Portal button.

Note, if you don't see a Portal button, you need to Set Up the Portal for your firm.

Open the Portal Form

2. Turn on Portal for this Matter

If this is the first time the portal form has been opened for this matter, Migration Manager will need to add the matter to the Portal and generate the Client's logon details. When you click the Portal button the 'Turn Portal On' window will appear. The client's email address will be displayed. Check if the email address is correct. If you want to send the email to a different email address, enter it here.

Turn on Portal for this Matter

3. Generate Logon Details

When you are ready to turn the Portal on for this matter, click Turn Portal On and Send Email.

Generate Logon Details

4. Send Portal Logon Details

Migration Manager will now add this matter to your Client Portal and generate an email to be sent to your Client which contains their logon details.

Send Portal Logon Details

5. Send the email to your Client

Click Send on your Outlook Email.