Importing PDF Questionnaires

The questionnaires enable a client to provide an agent with nearly* all the relevant information for the type of visa that is being applied for. The ability to use many aspects of the program including Letter and Form merging, eLodge etc is highly dependent on good data being in Migration Manager. The questionnaires provide an easy method for an agent to be able to collect this data and import it into Migration Manager.

To import a completed Questionnaire into Migration Manager follow the below steps:

*Please note that the questionnaire tries to cover the majority of data points required for the majority of all visas. Due to the number of visas and the resulting number of questions the questionnaire is not able to cover 100% of the field. We aim to refine the questionnaires over time to improve coverage.

1. Add the Questionnaire to the Client's Document's tab

The completed questionnaire can be added to the client's document tab in several different ways, depending on how you received the questionnaire back from the person who completed it.

  • If you received the questionnaire by email, it will be added to the Documents tab via the Automated Email capture. For instructions on how the capture works: How to Capture and Save Emails
  • If the client uploaded the completed questionnaire to the Secure Client Portal, the questionnaire will be added to the client's Documents tab automatically when it is downloaded from the portal.
  • You can also drag and drop the questionnaire onto the Documents tab and this will start the import.

2. Review the Questionnaire

Open the Documents tab and double click on the questionnaire to open it (if you are in Tree View, the Questionnaire should be in either the Attachments or the Documents Received folders depending on how it was received). Review the questionnaire and confirm that you are happy with the contents and ready to import.

Important: the data stored in Migration Manager is only as good as the data you import/enter. If you import a Questionnaire which contains errors or missing information that will negatively impact the effectiveness of Migration Manager.

2. Review the Questionnaire

3. Import the Questionnaire

Right click on the questionnaire and select 'Import Data' from the context menu.

3. Import the Questionnaire

Note: The Name of the Questionnaire must have the word “Questionnaire” somewhere in the name.  Otherwise Migration Manager will not recognise this as a Questionnaire and the Import Data option will not be available.

If this occurs, simply right click and Edit to rename the form to a name containing the word Questionnaire.

4. Review the Data to be imported

The Data preview window will appear and the program will now proceed to load the data into a preview window. Please be aware that large questionnaires may take some time to load the data. You can review and amend the data in this window if you want to.

5. Process the Data Import

Once the data is loaded you have the opportunity to again review and edit the data. When you are ready to import the data click the ‘Process’ button located in the bottom right corner.

6. Confirm the Correct Matter

If the basic identity data in the questionnaire is different to what is already contained in Migration Manager for this Matter, you will receive a warning asking you to verify that you are importing the data into the correct Matter. If you are sure that this is the correct Matter, click ‘Yes’ to proceed.

Caution: please carefully check that you are importing data into the correct Matter. If you import into the wrong Matter your database will have to be rolled back and restored. Please contact our help desk immediately to attend to this.

7. Finalise Import

The data import process will now commence. If the questionnaire is large the import process may take some time. When it is complete you can click ‘Ok’ on the pop up window.

8. Review the Migration Manager Matter

You will now be returned to the Client Detail page where you can review all of the imported data.



Can I import a Business Sponsor Questionnaire from a Migrant Matter


No. You will need to open a Business Sponsor Matter and follow the import instructions.