How to edit a PDF Questionnaire Email Template

When a user sends a PDF Questionnaire to a Client from Migration Manager, an accompanying email is generated and the Questionnaire is attached to that email. This article covers how to edit the Questionnaire email templates.

1. Open the System Preferences

First, go to Tools > Administrative > Preferences in the top toolbar.

2. Open PDF Questionnaire Email Settings

Once the Preferences window has opened, navigate to the Questionnaires tab and then go to the PDF Questionnaire Email Settings tab.

In the PDF Questionnaire Email Settings window there are two sections:

  1. The Questionnaire Email Templates. In this section you can create and edit the content of the template;
  2. Select the Email to use for each Questionnaire. In this section you can assign a particular template for use with a particular Questionnaire.

3. Select the Template to Edit

If you want to edit a template, this is done from the Questionnaire Email Templates section. First select the template that you want to edit and then click Edit

The email template editor will now appear.

4. Edit the Template

You can edit the template by typing/modifying the content in the available fields:

  • Title: the Title for the template so that you can identify it when adding as a default for a template.
  • Subject Line: The Subject Line will be what appears in the Subject line of the email that is generated
  • Message Body: Tthe Message Body contains content that you want to have appear when the email is generated.

Tip: add the merge fields from the field selector on the left to have dynamic fields in your email that will be populated based on the data in the matter. To add click the > button.

5. Click Save & Close

To finish editing your template, click Save & Close.

6. Save & Exit

To finish, click Save & Exit. This will save the preference change.