Merging a PDF Questionnaire from Data

There will be times when you may wish to send a client a Questionnaire and have it pre-populated with details of the client's previous application which you already have in  Migration Manager.  

The questionnaires enable a client to provide an agent with nearly* all the relevant information for the type of visa that is being applied for. The ability to use many aspects of the program including Letter and Form merging, eLodge etc is highly dependent on good data being in Migration Manager. The questionnaires provide an easy method for an agent to be able to collect this data and import it into Migration Manager.

*Please note that the questionnaire tries to cover the majority of data points required for the majority of all visas. Due to the number of visas and the resulting number of questions the questionnaire is not able to cover a 100% of the field. We aim to refine the questionnaires over time to improve coverage.

You also have the ability to Merge a Web Questionnaire from existing data.  If you are using Web Questionnaires, see the guide How to send a Web Questionnaire and point 4.2 for Merging from Existing Data.

1. Open the Matter

Before you can Merge a Questionnaire from Data you must open the relevant matter. To open a matter click the Open button and then select and open the required Matter.

2. Select Merge Questionnaire from Data

Once the matter is open, click the CIQ button on the main toolbar, then select the option for Merge Questionnaire from Data

This will now build a Full Questionnaire based on all available data held within the Migrant Matter.  You now need to change the Questionnaire Type.

3. Open the CIQ

Open the Documents tab and double click on the questionnaire to open it (if you are in Tree View, the Questionnaire should be in the Misc Folder).

4. Accept the warning message

5. Click Yes in the Finish and Office Use Only Sections

Scroll to the bottom of the Questionnaire, then click Yes for both questions in the Finish section

Click Yes for both questions in the Office Use Only section

6. Change the Questionnaire Type

Check the box for Change the Questionnaire Type and change to the appropriate Questionnaire Type for this Matter.  For example, if you were wanting a Partner Questionnaire, you would select type Full Questionnaire, sub-type Partner

You will be notified that the Questionnaire Type is changing.  The Questionnaire Type will change, and the "Finish" and "Office Use Only" sections will be reset

7. Save the Questionnaire

Click the Save button on the Tool Bar at the Top of Adobe.  

Then close the Questionnaire in Adobe

8. Send the Questionnaire to the client

You can now send the Questionnaire to the client.  From the Documents tab of the Migrant Matter, highlight the Merged Questionnaire PDF, then select Email To and Applicant.

9. Confirm Email Address

In the Email To window, confirm you are happy with the chosen email address, then click Create Email

An Email is now created containing the Merged Questionnaire.  It is important the client checks all questions (including the pre-populated questions) in case their circumstances have changed.



Can I Merge  Questionnaire from Data for a Sponsor Matter


No.  Not at this point of time, however this functionality will be available in the future.