How to perform a manual All Email Capture

Migration Manager's automated Email Capture system is designed to continuously monitor and capture emails which you have sent and received and stored in your Outlook Inbox and Sent Items folders. However, there may be times when you need to run a Manual Capture to capture all emails for a particular date range.

The main reason for this is for new users of Migration Manager who may wish to capture some of their email history which occurred prior to starting with Migration Manager.  When Auto capture is run for the first time, it will only capture the last 14 days prior to its first run.  If a user wants to capture for example the last month, then manual capture would be necessary.

Running Manual Capture for a large date range can be significant and take a very long time to run.  We would suggest not capturing more than a months’ worth of emails at a time.

Using the 'All Emails' Manual Capture function

This method allows you to capture all emails for a selected date range.

1. Go to Capture

From the Main Toolbar, select Capture.

2. Select the Manual Capture button

When the E-mail Capture window appears, click the Manual Capture button.

3. The Manual Email Capture window will appear

4. Select All Emails

Select the Capture Type for All Emails.

5. Select the Capture options

  1. Choose if you wish to skip capturing emails that have been previously captured (this will avoid capturing duplicate emails).
  2. Select the date range you wish to capture From and To.
  3. Then click Capture.

6. Choose Folder selection

  1. Click the Inbox folder you wish to capture from.
  2. Click the Sent Item Folder you wish to capture from.
    (note:  you can only capture from one Inbox and Sent Item folder at a time (repeat the capture process for additional Inboxes and Sent Items folders).
  3. Select if you would like these Folders captured by default for the next Manual Capture.
  4. Select if you wish to see this selection window again.
  5. Then click Select.

7. Email Capture will run

This may take some time if there are many emails to capture.

8. Refresh the Capture Window

When complete, click Yes to refresh the Email Capture window

9. The Emails will have now been captured and appear in the Capture window

If Migration Manager finds a Matter to match to, the emails will appear in Matched & Saved, otherwise they will appear in Unmatched.  For details on matching, see How to Capture, Match and Save Emails.