Create a Matter from an Email

When an email is received from a prospective client, Migration Manager gives you the ability to easily convert that email in to a Prospect Matter. Furthermore when you convert an email in to a Prospect Matter, Migration Manager will record the email address on the file and then the Auto Capture Service will review all of the emails currently held in the email capture window to search for, match and save any other emails from that person to the new matter.

1. Open Email Capture

First click the 'Capture' button in the main toolbar.

2. Select and Match the Email

Once the Email Capture window opens, select the email that you want to convert to a new matter and then right click it. From the context menu that appears choose 'Match'.

3. Click 'New Matter'

When the match window appears, click the 'New Matter' button.

4. Record the relevant information

After you click the 'New Matter' button, a panel will appear to record details of the new prospective Matter.

5. Click Match and create the Matter

Migration Manager will now create the new Prospect matter and assign and save the email to that Matter.