How to Send an Email

Sending emails from within Migration Manager provides a quick and easy way to auto complete email addresses and subject lines including the Matter Reference which is essential for fast and efficient email captures.

1. Open the Matter

Using the Open button, find and open the matter in question.

2. Click the Email button

On any page where you see an email address you should also see an email button. To generate an email to this person, click the email button.

3. Choose recipients

The Email To window will now appear, showing all of the individuals who are linked to this matter along with their email addresses. If you have clicked an email button on a file next to an email address, that email address will appear in the To section. You can add additional receipients by clicking the +Add button next to their name.

Note that if you want to CC or BCC someone, first click the radio button next to CC or BCC, then click the +Add button next to the person you want to add as a recipient.

4. Add Subject Line

Next add the subject line that you want to have appear on your email. Note that the subject line will include, by default, the matter reference number.

5. Add any Attachments (optional)

5.1. Go to the Attachments tab

Select the Attachments tab.

5.2. Attach a File

You can attach a document either by:

1.   Dragging and Dropping the file from its current location into the attachments window.

2.    Or by clicking the ‘Attach’ browse button:

Then browsing to the file and selecting Open.

The file will then show as an attachment.

6. Attaching or Embedding the first Word Document (Optional)

If you have attached a Word Document (docx), you can choose whether to embed the contents of the document in to the body of the email, or attach it as an attachment.

6.1. If you select Embed

If you select Embed, the text from the document will be emeded in to the body of an Email.

6.2. If you select Attach

To attach the document as an attachment to the Email, set the switch to Attach.

When you click Create Email the the document will be attached to the email.

7. Generate and Edit the Email

Now click the Create Email button.

Migration Manager will proceed to open a new email from your Outlook and (1) insert the email address of the selected person(s) and (2) insert the subject into the email subject line. You can now proceed to add content to the body of the email.

8. Send the Email

When you have completed your email, send using your standard Outlook processes. A copy of your email should now be saved in to your Outlook.

Note: Until you perform an email capture this email will not have been saved in to Migration Manager.