How to perform a manual 'Selected Emails' Capture

Migration Manager's automated Email Capture system is designed to continuously monitor and capture emails which you have sent and received from your Outlook Inbox and Sent folders. However, there may be times when you want to manually capture an email or emails.

These maybe emails that reside in a folder which is not normally included in Auto Capture, or you may need to capture an email quickly without waiting for the next auto capture to run.

Using the 'Selected Emails' Manual Capture function

This method allows you to select, then capture particular emails from Outlook.

1. Go to Capture

From the Main Toolbar, select Capture.

2. Select the Manual Capture button

When the E-mail Capture window appears, click the Manual Capture button.

3. The Manual Email Capture window will appear

Note the option for “Selected Emails” is selected by default.

4. Go to Outlook

Open Outlook and go to the folder where the email/s you wish to capture from resides.  You will note that the Manual Email Capture window remains on top.

5. Highlight the emails to capture

In Outlook, highlight the email or emails you wish to manually capture.

6. Run Capture

Click the green Capture button to capture the selected emails.

7. Refresh you view

Click Yes to Refresh the Capture window.

8. The Emails will have now been captured and appear in the Capture window

If Migration Manager finds a Matter to match to, the emails will appear in Matched & Saved, otherwise they will appear in Unmatched.  For details on matching, see How to Capture, Match and Save Emails.