How to generate a Web Questionnaire Status Report

This article covers how to access and use the Web Questionnaire Status Report to track the progress of your clients' questionnaire completion.

The Web Questionnaire status report is available as of version 8.7.7

1. Click on the CIQ Button

To access the Web Questionnaire Status Report, click on the CIQ button in the main tool bar then choose Web Questionnaire then Status Report.

The Systems Report window will now appear and Portal - Web Questionnaires will be highlighted

2. Set report filters

Next you can choose to set any require filters for the report.

3. Click Build Report

To generate the report, click Build Report

4. Review Report

A report window will now appear. The following information is provided:

  1. The Matter ID and the name of the client
  2. The type of questionnaire that was sent
  3. The date that the questionnaire was sent to the client
  4. The date and time your client first accessed the Web Questionnaire
  5. The most recent date and time your client last accessed the Web Questionnaire
  6. The status of the Questionnaire. This will change if your client has submitted the Questionnaire or you have returned the Questionnaire to your client for editing.
  7. The date the status of the Questionnaire changed.

Tip: If you right click a data row in the report, you have the option to open the relevant matter.