How to preview your client's questionnaire progress

This  article covers how you can download a preview of a client's Web Questionnaire so that you can review their progress.

1. Open the Documents Tab

First, you will need to open the relevant matter's Documents tab and find the message which was sent that contained the Web Questionnaire for your client to complete.

2. Preview the Message

Next, right click the message and choose Preview

The Message Preview window will now appear.

3. Expand the View to show the More button

If the 'More' button does not appear, click the Show All Details button to expand the view.

4. Click More then Check Progress

Now click the More button followed by the Check Progress option.

5. Review Results

Migration Manager will now proceed to download a preview of the Web Questionnaire and the information which your client has so far entered in to it. You can review this information by clicking on the various headings in the left hand navigation column.

Note: You can not import a preview of the results as there may be a lot of missing information. Importing a questionnaire that has not been submitted could potentially cause data integrity issues due to missing data and therefore the import is not enabled until your client submits the questionnaire.