Deleting a Web Questionnaire from the Portal

If you send a Web Questionnaire to a customer’s Portal by mistake, you can delete the Web Questionnaire from the Portal.

Deleting a Questionnaire from the Portal cannot be reversed.  Any Data the client may have already entered in this Questionnaire will be lost.

1. Open the Matter

Before you can delete a Web Questionnaire you must open the relevant matter. To open a matter, click the Open button and then select and open the required Matter.

2. Go to the Documents tab

Select the Documents tab for the Matter.

3. Select the Web Questionnaire and Remove

Find the relevant Web Questionnaire, then right-click on the Questionnaire and select Remove from Portal.

4. Confirm

You will receive a message stating that the Questionnaire is about to be deleted and this cannot be reversed.  Select Yes to proceed.

The Web Questionnaire has now been removed from the Portal.