Creating a File Note - When you have the Matter Open

Users of Migration Manager should create file notes for every pertinent conversation or meeting that they have with clients, people, entities and agencies associated with a matter. To create a file note for a matter which is already recorded in Migration Manager, follow these steps.

1. Open the Matter

Using the Open button, find and open the matter in question.

Open the Matter

2. Click the New FN button

To create the file note, click the New FN button in the main toolbar.

Click the New FN button

3. File Note Window

A new File Note window will now appear, docked to the side of its associated matter.

File Note Window

4. Record your Note

Type details of the note into the 'Add New Note' part of the File Note window.

Record your Note

5. Click Enter

When you have finished recording the content of the note, click Enter.

Click Enter

6. Note is Recorded

Once you have clicked Enter, the content you previously typed will be added to the note record at the top of the File Note window.

Note is Recorded

7. Add Additional Content

To add additional comments to the note, repeat steps 4 and 5 and record the details in the Add New Note panel and then click Enter to record the content.

Add Additional Content

8. Set the Status

Prior to closing the File Note, you should set the Status of the note.

Note: If you set a Status other than 'Complete', a reminder will appear in Snapshot. Also note that by setting the Status to something other than 'Complete', a reminder date will be set for 1 day ahead of today.

Set the Status

9. Set Reminder Date and Responsibility

If you want to change the Reminder Date and who has Responsibility for a File Note, click the reminder button on the bottom of the File Note. The Reminder settings window for this File Note will now appear. When you have made the required changes click Update.

Set Reminder Date and Responsibility

10. Save & Close

When you have finished with the File Note, click Save & Close.

Save & Close

11. Filenotes Tab

The saved File Note will now appear in the File Notes tab in the Client Detail window. To open a File Note, just double click it within the File Notes window.

Filenotes Tab

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