How to use the Summary File Note

The Summary File Note or Cover Note is a File Note which appears on the front cover of a matter.  The Summary File Note works exactly like a normal File Note, but will always appear as the first File Note in the Filenotes tab and the content of this note will be displayed on the front cover of a matter. This Summary File Note is often used as a detailed status record for the matter due to the fact you can fit a lot more detail than is possible in the standard File Status dropdown.

1. How to Create a Summary File Note

1.1. Click add New Note

To create a Summary File Note, open the relevant Matter and on the Cover Page click the note area which is labeled Click here to add new note.

1.2. Enter the relevant information

A Filenote window will now appear

Enter details in to the note like you would a normal File Note (see Creating a File Note - When you have the Matter Open) by typing in the relevant text and setting a status for the note.

1.3. Click Save & Close

Click Save & Close to Finish. The content of the note will now be displayed on the Cover Page in the Summary Filenote panel.

2. How to add content to a Summary File Note

2.1. Click Open Filenote

To add content to a summary file note, click the Open Filenote button on the Cover Page.

2.2. Enter content

The Filenote will now open

2.3. Click Save & Close

Enter the new content and then click Save & Close.

The updated file note will be displayed on the Cover Page.

Note: The amount of content you see on the summary file note will vary depending on whether or not your user options are set to only display the most recent summary note on the cover page. See How to display only the most recent Summary Note on the Cover Page