How to Create a Template File Note - File Note Quick Parts

Within the Migration Manager File Note system, you have the ability to create template File Notes (called Quick Parts) which can be used to add text, questions, links etc to a new or existing file note. This article covers how to create a Quickpart for future use.

1. Open a File Note

To access the Quick Parts editor/creator, you first need to open a File Note. The easiest way to do this is to click the New FN button in the main toolbar.

2. Right click the comments section of the File Note

Next, right click anywhere on the comment section of the File Note. This will bring up the File Note context menu.

3. Select Quick Parts

On the context menu, click Quick Parts.

The Quick Parts window will now appear showing a list of the available Quick Parts.

4. Click the + button

To create a new Quick Part, click the green + button in the left hand corner.

The Quick Parts editor will now appear.

Tip: Use the expand button on the right hand side to expand the window.

5. Add your content to your Template / Quick Part

First add a description of your Quick Part so that in the future you will know what the Quick Part is about / meant to be used for. Then select a category which applies by using the Category dropdown.

Add the body of the Quick Part by either typing or copying from another document - when a Quick Part is added to a File Note the body of the Quick Part is what will be added to the note.

Tip: use the right click menu to format your text, add links etc.

6. Click Save & Close

When you have finished adding content, click Save & Close.

The finished Quick Part will now appear in the list of available Quick Parts for use in a File Note.