Create a File Note - When you have the Matter Closed

When you receive a phone call from a client, you may not have have the file open. You do not need to open the Matter to record the note. You can do this by creating an unlinked File Note and then linking that File Note to the matter. This article sets out how to create a File Note when the matter is not open and then link the matter to the note.

1. Record the File Note

1.1. Close any Active File

To be able to create an unlinked File Note, you must first close any current "Active File" by clicking the 'Close' button.

1.2. Click the New FN Button

Now click the 'New FN' button in the main toolbar.

1.3. Record the File Note

As with a normal File Note, record your comments and then click the 'Enter' button to add the comments to the note.

2. Link the File Note and Matter

In the Client dropdown, search for the relevant matter by starting to type the name of the new Matter. When the required Matter is found, click on it to set it.

3. Finalise the File Note

Finish recording the relevant details of the note such as the Status and any Review Date. The click 'Save & Close' to finish the note and save it to the Matter.

The File Note will be saved to the Matter and can be found in the Filenotes tab.