Restore Filenotes - How to restore a Deleted Filenote

After deleting a Filenote, it may be decided that the note wasn't meant to be deleted. To restore a deleted filenote follow these steps:

1. Enable User Permission

In order to restore a deleted a filenote your user profile must have permission to restore a filenote.

1.1. Login as Administrator

To set the user permission you will need to first login as Administrator.

Login as Administrator
1.2. Access Preferences

From the Main Menu, select Tools, then Administrative, then Preferences.

In the top toolbar, go to Tools > Administrative > Change Matter ID
1.3. Set the User Permission

Now go to the User Permissions tab and set the user to 'Allow User to Restore Filenotes'. The click Save & Exit to finish.

1.4. Log back in as the user to Restore the Filenote

2. Access Restore Filenotes

From the Main Menu, select Tools, then Administrative  then  Restore Filenotes.

The Restore Filenotes window will now appear.

3. Select and Restore

Now select the Filenote(s) that you want to 'un-delete' and then click Restore Selected Filenotes.

(You can select multiple items by using Ctrl + click or Shift + click)

4. Confirm Restore

You will now be asked to confirm that you want to restore the filenote. Click Yes to proceed.

5. Filenote Restored

The Filenote will now be restored to the original matter. If you open the Filenotes tab of the matter, the restored filenote should now be visible.