Download Remote Connection Software

A current client of Migration Manager will include access to our support team. During the support process we may need to access your system to physically troubleshoot the issue.  We do this by using screen sharing software called Logmein Rescue.  This secure screen sharing software allows us access to you machine.  Whilst we are connected, you will be able to see everything we are doing (as if we were sitting at your machine).

You only need to download the remote connection software if the Support Team ask.  Many issues can be resolved without needing to access your system.

1. Accessing Download Remote Connection Software

From the Main Menu, select Help, then Download Remote Connection Software.

2. Click Yes

You will be asked to confirm that you have already logged a Support Request.  Click Yes.

(If you have not yet raised a Support Call,  you must first Log a Support Call).

A Web Browser will now open and direct you to the logmeinrescue website

3. Enter the Code and Start Download

At this point the Migration Manager Support team member will give a 6-digit code.  Enter this code, then click Start Download.

4. Run the exe

The downloaded exe will usually appear in the bottom left of the Chrome window.  Click on the exe to run.

The Logmein Program will run.

5. Confirm any access messages that appear

During the connection process, you may be asked several questions regarding accessing your system.  Confirm these messages to allow the connection to continue.

Once all access messages have been confirmed, the Support Representative will have access to your system.

When the Support call is complete, the connection will close.

Note: The secure code used, and the application downloaded is only good for that one session.  Once the Logmein program is closed, this session cannot be used again (a new code and application will need to be downloaded next time access is required).  This is peace of mind in the knowledge that access to your system can only be made whilst you are in attendance.