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User Login - How to Log in to Migration Manager

Each user is required to log in to the system.  Logging in ensures that the application is “aware” of the identity of the user, which is relevant to a number of areas of the application.

1. Logon Window

When Migration Manager first open the User Login window will appear.

2. Logon Window

From the first dropdown box choose the name of the user to login as. Please note that if a user name does not appear it may not have been created yet. See the section on creating users.

3. Enter Password

Now enter the password for this user.

4. Review and Accept the End User Agreement

Use of Migration Manager is subject to the acceptance of the End User Agreement. To review the current End User Agreement, click the blue hyperlinked text or go to this link: End User Agreement

5. Click Login

6. Loading

The user will now proceed to be logged in to Migration Manager. Upon first loading the user will be presented with a splash screen. Please note that this splash screen often contains useful information with links to additional information. To access the additional information you can click anywhere on the splashscreen.