How to Update Department VACs via Excel Import

1. Open the Fees Schedule

All of the Department VACs are contained within the Matter Fees Schedule. To access this schedule, in the top toolbar, go to Schedules > Matter Types > Matter Type Fees

The Fee Schedule will now open. This window shows all of the Matter Types, the Professional Fees and blocks of fees, as well as the Department charges. Note that:

  1. The lists are broken up into categories. The default category shown is Visa Application. To edit matter types from a different category you will need to change the dropdown.
  2. The schedule by default will only show matters which you have not retired. Change the Yes/No slider to view matter types which have been retired.

Note that these settings will affect what can be imported via Excel (only the visible items are exported)

2. Export the current list into Excel

To edit the Department fees via excel, you will first need to export the current list into an excel spreadsheet so that you have the correct spreadsheet layout. To do this, click on the Export button in the bottom right hand corner and then click Dept Fees Only

MM will now proceed to export the data to Excel.

When complete, an Excel spreadsheet will open showing all of the figures  previously recorded in the schedule.

3. Edit the Excel Spreadsheet

Now insert into the spreadsheet all of the values you want to import. To do this, type in the relevant values.

4. Save the Excel Spreadsheet

Now save the edited Spreadsheet to your computer.

5. Import the Update Excel Spreadsheet

To import the Excel Spreadsheet with the new VACs, on the Matter Fees window, click the Import button.

You will then need to find the Excel file to be imported. Select the file and click Open

6. Review the Changes

The Matter Fees window will now display the changed values highlighted in red. Any new values which have been added will be highlighted in green.

You should check all of these values carefully.

Note: Changes can be made by typing directly into the grid or by reimporting the Excel spreadsheet.

7. Save

To save these changes click the Save button and then click Close.