How to Customise Accounts Templates

The Customise Accounts Templates option allows you to edit or create variations of the Accounts template documents such as invoices, receipts, etc. 

1. Open the Accounts Template window

To edit or create a new Accounts Template you can either use the Accounts Setup Tool or launch from the main menu.

1.1. From the Accounts Setup Tool

If you haven't yet completed the Accounts Setup tool, you can access the Accounts Template customisation window from the Accounts Setup tool. To access this click the Accounts button in the main toolbar and then select 'Accounts Setup'. For instructions on how to use the Accounts Setup tool please see: How to use the Accounts Setup Guide.

When the Accounts Setup tool opens, click 'Customise Accounts Templates'.

1.2. From the Main Menu

To create a new Cost Code at any time, click the 'Accounts' button in the main toolbar and then click 'Accounts Templates'.

2. Accounts Template Editor window

The Accounts Template editor window will now appear.

3. Download Default Templates

If you have not previously done so you will first need to download the default Accounts' Templates by clicking Download Templates.

A pop up will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to download the basic Account's Templates. Click Yes to proceed.

The templates will now be downloaded

Note: You only need to download the basic set of Account Templates if you are using Accounts Templates for the first time.  If you have already downloaded and customised your Accounts Templates previously, then downloading them again will overwrite your existing Customisations.

If you download new Accounts Templates and accidently overwrite your custom Accounts Templates, your customised Templates will be moved to an ‘Archived’ folder where the custom contents can be copied out and the new Template updated.

4. Select the Appropriate Folder

Next you will need to navigate to the folder containing the template that you wish to edit. You can do this by clicking and expanding the folders in the left hand navigation tree.

The Accounts templates are first separated into Migrant and Sponsor sections and then in to sub categories such as Invoices, Deposit Requests etc. If you want to make changes, for example, to your invoices, you will need to change both the invoice in the Sponsor and the Migrant folders.

5. Select and Right Click the Template to be Edited

Now select and right click the template that you want to edit. When the right click menu appears choose Edit Template.

The template will now open as a Word document along with the Accounts Template Editor window.

Note: If the window doesn't appear it may have opened minimised on your computer.

6. Edit Template

The templates are just Word documents with merge fields added to those parts of the text that are meant to change depending on the information contained within a matter. You can just type in / copy and paste the content you want to have appear. To add a merge field to the  document:

  1. first click where you want the merge field to appear;
  2. find the required merge field from the Merge Fields window; then
  3. click the Add Field button.

Warning: Be very careful when editing the Accounts templates to avoid where possible editing sections of text which contain @@ as these sections perform calculations - removing these may adversely affect the operation, format and content of the document. In particular it is recommended that you do not alter any tables or grids that contain @@ text in them.

7. Click Save & Close Letter

When you have finished editing the document click Save & Close Letter on the Accounts Template Editor to save and close the template.

The template will now be updated for all users.