How to set Default Accounts Templates

1. Download and Set up the Basic Accounts Templates

If you have not already done so, you will first need to download and customise the Basic Accounts Templates. See: How to Customise Accounts Templates

2. Open the System Preferences

Next you will need to open the Accounts system preferences by going to Tools > Administrative > Preferences in the top toolbar.

3. Go to the Documents sub-tab

When the Preferences window opens, go to the Accounts tab and then go to the Documents sub-tab.

4. Set the Default file Type

If you haven't already done so previously, you should set the default format that all Accounts' documents will be generated as. You can choose either PDF or Word (docx) as the default format.

Selecting Default Templates

Go to the Templates sub-tab of Accounts Preferences.

5. Select default templates for Migrants

The templates are divided in to two groups - Migrants and Sponsors. You will need to set default templates for both groups.

Note: you do not need to set all of the defaults. For example if you don't plan to use BPAY you do not need to set a template for these options. Also note that if you don't set a default, Migration Manager will automatically choose an in built default.

From each of the dropdowns, select the template you wish to set as the default.

6. Select Sponsor Defaults

Repeat the selection process for the Sponsor templates.

7. Click Save & Exit to finish.

When you have finished setting the defaults, click Save & Exit.