Credit Card Surcharge Disbursement Settings

Migration Manager allows you to calculate and apply credit card payment surcharges to disbursments. In order to apply the surcharges when you record disbursements or prepare a deposit request, you must first set up the necessary settings.

1. Open the System Preferences

To edit the Preferences at any time, click the 'Tools' button in the top toolbar and then click 'Administative', then 'Preferences'.

2. Go to the Accounts preferences tab

3. Go to the Payment Surcharge sub-tab

4. Create and Set the payment surcharge Disbursement Code

Now set the Charge Code you want to use to record the payment surcharge whenever you record a Disbursement that incurs a surcharge. First however you will need to create a Disbursement Code.

4.1. Click the selection box

4.2. Create a new Disbursement Code

Click the + button to create a new Disbursement Code

4.3. Enter the Disbursement Code Details

The New Disbursement Code window will now appear. First enter the Disbursement Code that you wish to identify this Disbursement by. Your Disbursement Codes can be a mixture of letters and number but it is recommended that they not be longer than 6 character. Then enter a Discription. You don't need to record any other details.

4.4. Click Save & Close

To finish setting up the Disbursement Code, click Save & Close.

5. Select the Payment Surcharge code

Select the newly created Disbursement Code and click Select.

6. Set the default Credit Card to be used for Disbursments

Next set the credit card that you intend to use as your default Department of Immigration payment method. Note that this default choice can be overriden on a case by case basis.

7. Set the Department Payment Options and Surcharges.

You now need to insert details of the credit card surcharges:

The Department Payment Options and Surcharges grid allows you to set a Fixed Surcharge, Percentage Surcharge or both against various payment types.  The grid shows the following:

  1. If the Payment option is Enabled.
  2. The Payment Type.
  3. The Fixed Surcharge amount.
  4. The Percentage Surcharge.

7.1. To adjust Department Payment Options and Surcharges, select the Payment Type you wish to edit, then click the Edit Button

7.2. Set the Payment Options and Surcharges

Set the Payment Options and Surcharges:

  1. Slide the Payment to Enabled to allow this payment Type.
  2. Enter the Fixed Surcharge amount (if required).
  3. Enter the Percentage Surcharge.

Then click Save & Close.

8. Finish

The default Charge Code has now been set and you have now finished setting up the Credit Card payment surchage settings. Click Save & Exit to finish.