How to add a SAF Levy

The SAF (Skilling Australian Fund) Levy is a disbursement you may need to bill your clients for.   You can use Migration Manager to create a SAF Disbursement code to bill your clients and also create a custom Merge field for this new Disbursement if you wish to merge this Disbursement into letters.

Creating a Disbursement

Firstly you would create a SAF Disbursement code.  This can be done by following the guide on How to Create Disbursement Codes.

Once this code has been created, you can now charge this disbursement to your customer via the Accounts module.

Creating a Custom Merge field

You may wish to also create a custom merge field for the levy so it can be merged into letters via the Letters function.  This can be done by following the guide on Custom Merge Fields and how to Create and Edit.