Accounts Conversion

Note: This section applies to users who previously used the old Accounts system in Migration Manager prior to July 2014.

To use the new Accounts system, you will need to first convert to the New Accounts System and then insert basic details of how you wish to have everything setup. This is done through the Accounts Preferences window where you will perform the conversion and setup the basic Accounts settings

Before you get started, it is recommended that you have all of your current accounting documentation with you as you will need to enter parts of this information (such as bank account details, a list of outstanding invoices and client account balances, etc.) into Migration Manager.

IMPORTANT: We strongly encourage all users to read the Client Money Toolkit published by the Migration Agents Registration Authority which can be accessed at

To access the setup the New Accounts system and the required Preferences, follow the below steps:

1. Printing Reports from Migration Manager prior to conversion

There are two reports you may wish to print prior to conversion.  These may help you gather the necessary balances to assist with entering Opening Balances once conversion is complete.

1.1. The 'Accounts Balance - All Clients' report

From the Main Menu, select Reports, then choose the Preset Reports option.

Select 'Accounts Balance - All Clients' then Build Report.

1.2. Exporting old Accounts to Excel

From the Main Menu, select Accounts.

When the Accounts window appears, click the Excel button to export the contents of this window to Excel.

2. Converting to the New Accounts System

2.1. Login as Administrator

2.2. Open the Accounts Preferences Window

Click the 'Tools' button in the top toolbar and then click 'Administative', then 'Preferences'.

Now go to the Accounts tab.

2.3. Convert to the New Accounts System

The preferences window that appears will be for the old Accounts system. To convert to the New Accounts system, click 'Convert to New Accounts System'.

2.4. Confirm the Conversion

A pop up will appear asking if you have read this help file. Once you have read all of this manual page on converting files, you can click 'No'.

2.5. Save & Exit

The new Accounts Preferences window will appear. Click 'Save & Exit'.

Conversion is now complete.

Note:  You can still view transactions entered in the old Accounts System.  This is done by opening the Matter, then going to the Accounts => Old Accounts System tab.

3. Setup Accounts

You should now proceed to run the Accounts Setup tool - see How to use the Accounts Setup Guide