Setting a User's Hourly Rate

When you create a Fee or a Time Recording in Migration Manager's Account system, you have the ability to charge that Fee/Time Entry according to a user rate. This article covers how to set a rate for each user.

1. Log in as the Administrator

To set a User Rate, you need to edit the User Permissions which can only be accessed via the Administrator logon.

2. Go to Tools > Administrative > Preferences

In the top menu bar click the Tools menu option and then select Administrative then Preferences.

3. Open User Permissions

Once the Preferences window opens, go the User Permissions tab.

4. Set the User Rate

Scroll through the list of User Permissions until you find the column for 'Default Rate per Hour'. For each applicable user, insert details of their default rate per hour.

5. Click Save and Exit

When you have finished click Save & Exit to save the updated details.