Recording a Disbursement

Disbursement charges are used to record Immigration Department fees and non-Immigration Department fees against a matter, mainly:

  • Immigration Department Application fees for visas.
  • Other non-Immigration Application fees that are not specific to the visa subclasses. For example, an Australian Federal Police Clearance Certificate application fee.

Disbursement Codes can be setup using the Create Disbursement Codes function.

Recording a Disbursement

1. Open the Matter you wish to add the Disbursement charge to.

2. Go to the Accounts => Fees Disbursements tab

3. Click the New Disbursement button.

4. Completing the Header details.

Complete the following details:

  1. Bank Account.  Select the Bank Account where the payment was made from.  The default bank account pulls from your Preferences.
  2. Supplier. Select the Supplier payment was made to.  Suppliers can be setup using the procedure on setting up Supplier.
  3. Pay To:  This address pre-populates based on the above Supplier.  It can be manually adjusted.
  4. Receipt No. Enter the Receipt number from the fee you received.
  5. Payment Type. Select how payment for the fee was made.
  6. Add Payment Surcharge.  If the Payment Type selected above has Surcharges enabled in preferences, then you will be asked if you wish to add a Payment Surcharge for this Disbursement.

5. Completing the Body of the Disbursement

Complete the Following Details:

1. Matter ID.  You can either type the Matter ID, or simply click in the field to retrieve the current Matter ID.

2. Disbursement Code.  Select the Disbursement Code from the drop-down.

The following fields will automatically populate when the Disbursement Code is selected, however can be manually adjusted if required.

3. Billing Description.

4. Qty.

5 Amount Including Each Including Tax.

6 Tax Code.

7 Billing Status.  Select when this Disbursement is to be Invoiced:

  • Billable  Next Invoice (the Disbursement will appear on the Next Invoice raised)
  • Billable  Later Invoice (The Disbursement will not appear on an Invoice until its Billing Status is changed).

8. Surcharge Code.  Select the Fee to be used to create the Disbursement surcharge.

9. Description.  The Description of the Surcharge.

10. Surcharge Amount.  Enter the exact surcharge amount per the Fee you received.

6. Add any additional Disbursement lines required.

7. Once you have completed entry and are ready to update, click Save & Close

The disbursement has now been created.  As well as this, if a surcharge was applied during entry, a Surcharge Fee will also have been created.

When you are ready to Invoice the Disbursement, you can do so by raising an Invoice.