Refund money from Client/Trust Account

If you need to refund money from the Client/Trust Account to a client, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Client Funds tab

Open the matter that you want to refund money from and then go to the Accounts tab and then to the Client funds tab.

2. Go to More > Refund

Now click on the More button and then click Refund.

3. Record details of the Refund

The New Refund window will now appear.

Now insert details of:

  1. The amount being refunded;
  2. The method by which the amount is being refunded;
  3. Details of the reason for the refund.

When you have entered all of the necessary details, click Save & Close.

4. Refund Complete

The refund will now show as an entry in the Client/Trust Funds window.