Pay an Invoice - Office Receipts

An Office receipts is used when money is received from a client in regards to a matter directly in to your Office Account. When the receipt is processed, the funds are allocated to an invoice. If an invoice hasn't been generated, or the invoice total is less than the value of the receipt, the funds can be recorded as a credit against the matter.

Note that if money has been received in the Client/Trust Account, you should instead create a Client/Trust Fund Receipt

1. Go to the Office Account tab

First open the relevant matter that you want to record the receipt of money against, and then go to the Accounts tab followed by the Office Account tab. The Office Account tab displays all of the Invoices generated in a matter along with the payment of those invoices.

2. Click New Office Receipt

Now click the New Office Receipt button

The New Receipt (Office Account) window will now appear.

3. Record details of money received

You will now need to record how the money was received (the payment type) and the amount that was received.

Tip: If you choose Credit Card as the payment type you will be presented with an option to calculate and add on a payment surcharge to account for credit card fees.

4. Apply the received funds

You now need to apply the money received to any invoice in this matter which has an outstanding balance. To do this click in the Apply column and record the amount you are applying.

5. Print and Close

Once you have entered all of the necessary information you can click Print if you want to generate and save a copy of the receip on the Documents tab of the matter, and then click Save & Close to finish.

6. Office Account

The Office Account tab will now show the receipt of the money and the invoice(s) to which it was applied.