Recording a Fee

The New Fee window allows you to record your professional fees for work done on a matter. Once you have recorded your fees, you will be able to invoice them to your clients.

To create a New Fee, follow the below steps:

1. Open the Matter

Open the matter that you want to record an activity/work completed on. Click on the Accounts tab then click on the Fees & Disbursements sub tab.  

2. Click New Fee

Next click the New Fee button.

3. Select the Fee Code

Once the New Fee window appears, select a Fee Code for the activity/work you want to record. The Billing Description, Amount Each and Tax Code will be filled in automatically. Note: if a relevant Fee Code does not exist, it can be created. Please see How to Create Fee Codes

4. Set the Status

If you wish this fee to be added to the next invoice, leave the Billing Status set at ‘Billable – Next Invoice’. If you wish to hold the fee until a later invoice, select ‘Billable – Later Invoice’ as the billing status. The fee won’t be included in future invoices until the billing status is changed to ‘Billable – Next Invoice’. If the fee shouldn’t be charged at all, select ‘Not Billable’ as the billing status.

5. Enter or Amend the Billing Description.

Enter or amend the Billing Description. This will appear on the invoice when the fee is invoiced. Note: that the Fee Code will usually insert text into the description field but on what the Fee Code has been set up as.

6. Record who undertook the Activity/Work

The ‘Billed By’ person should be set to the person who did the work. This field will be automatically set to the currently logged in user but can be changed to a different user if required.

7. Record the Qty and Value

If you have used a standard Fee Code, the quantify and amount fields will be prepopulated. You can amend these if you want to by entering the appropriate Quantity and Amount. If the Amount Each value is inclusive of tax, tick Inc. Tax. The system will automatically calculate the total amounts.

8. Save & Close

When you have finished entering the fee detail, click Save & Close or, to save this fee and enter a new fee, click Save & New.