Importing Bank Statements

Migration Manager can import bank statements as .qif files, .ofx files or .csv files that have been downloaded from your online banking. These bank statements are used in the client bank reconciliation.

1. Download your Bank Statements

Login to your bank's online banking system and download the bank statements you want to reconcile. You will need to downoad the statement in either QIF, OFX or CSV format.

2. Open the Bank Reconciliation Form

Click the Accounts button in the main menu then select Client Account Bank Reconciliation.

You will be asked to select a client bank account. Select the bank account you would like to reconcile then click the Select button.

3. Open the Import Bank Statement Form

3.1. If you already have a Draft Reconciliation in Progress

Click the Continue Draft Reconciliation button.

When the Reconcile Bank Account form opens, click the Import Bank Statements button.

3.2. If you don't have a Draft Reconciliation in Progress

When the Bank Reconciliation form opens, click the New Reconciliation button.

You will be asked if you want to import a bank statement. Click Yes.

4. Select the Bank Statement to Import

Click the Browse button. Select the bank statement to import and click the Open button.

5. Review and Import the Bank Statement Lines

If Migration Manager detects any transactions that have the same dates and amounts as transactions that have already been imported, it will highlight them in red. If any of the transactions are shown in red, check them carefully to see if you’ve already imported them. If you’ve already imported them, you should select a different bank statement to import. When you are ready to import the bank statement, click the Import button.

6. Import Additional Bank Statements if Needed

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each bank statement you want to import.