Migration Manager User ManualAccountingUsing AccountsClient/Trust AccountViewing, Editing, Deleting or Receipting existing Deposit Requests

Viewing, Editing, Deleting or Receipting existing Deposit Requests

Once a Deposit Request has been created, you can view the Deposit Request and if required, re-print, edit or delete it.  You can also make a Receipt based on that Deposit Request.

Viewing an existing Deposit Request

1. Go to the Client Funds tab

Open the Matter, then go to the Accounts tab, then the Client Funds sub-tab.

2. Select View Deposit Requests

From the Client Funds tab, click the View Dep. Req. button.

The list if existing Deposit Request will now display.

Editing, Viewing or re-printing the Deposit Request details

1. Select the Deposit Request to Edit, View or Print

Highlight the Deposit Request you wish to view/edit/print, then click ‘Edit/View’.

2. View, Edit or Print the Deposit Request

From here, you can now view the Deposit Request.

  • If you wish to re-print the Deposit Request, you can do so by clicking the Print button.
  • If you wish to send the Deposit Request to your client via email or the Portal, click the More button.
  • You can also adjust the Deposit Request from the screen.  For details on the Deposit Request Screen, see Request a Deposit.

Deleting a Deposit Request

If the Deposit Request is no longer required or was entered by mistake, it can be deleted.

1. Select the Deposit Request and Delete

Highlight the Deposit Request you wish to delete and click the Delete button.

2. Confirm Deletion

Click Yes to confirm Deletion.

Receipting a Deposit Request

When receipting money into the Client Fund Account, you can either simply receipt the money as an amount via the New CF Receipt button (see ‘Receipt a Deposit’), or you can receipt the money based on a Deposit Request.  For full details and instructions on receipting via a Deposit Request, see ‘Making a Client Fund Receipt from a Deposit Request’.