How to Finalise a Draft Invoice

Invoices which have not been finalised will have a status of Draft - Unapproved or Draft Approved. In order to print an Invoice, the status needs to be changed from Draft to Finalised. This article covers how to change the status of an invoice from Draft to Finalised.

1. Check that the you have the relevant User Permissions.

In order for a user to be able to finalise an Invoice or a Deposit Request, their user profile must have the relevant user permissions enabled. For instructions on how to acces the User Permissions, see: How to set or edit Accounts User Permissions

2. Go to the Office Account tab

To find draft Invoices on a matter, go to the Accounts tab and then go to the Office Acccounts tab.

3. Open the Invoice

Draft Invoices will appear in italiced, grey text and will be marked as Draft . To open the Invoice, double click it.

4. Change the Status

To change the status of the Invoice, you can either use the Status Dropdown or click the Save & Finalise button.

5. Invoice Finalised

The invoice will now be finalised, and depending on your settings, will be saved as either a PDF or a Word document to the Accounts folder of your Documents tab.