How to Search Accounts for a BPAY reference

If you have a transaction in your bank account statement which includes a BPAY reference number, you can use the Accounts Search find to find out which matter and which transaction in Migration Manager it relates to.

In the main toolbar, click on the Accounts button and then select Search Accounts.

The Accounts Search window will now appear.

2. Input the CRN

In the Description/CRN field, insert the BPAY Client Reference Number (CRN) from the bank statement.

3. Add CRN as an Extra Column

Optional: To help you find the exact transaction you are after, you can add an extra column to the results which will display the transaction's BPAY CRN by clicking the Extra Columns dropdown and ticking 'CRN'.

Click the Search button to perform the search in Migration Manager.

5. Review the Results

The search panel will now display the results of your search.