Generate an Invoice for Work Completed

The New Invoice form allows you to create an invoice for work done against a matter.

Note: Before you create a new invoice, you may wish to print a pre-billing report to review the accounts status and the list of fees, disbursements and costs that could be included in the invoice (see the instruction manual on Pre-Billing Report).

To create an invoice, follow the below steps

1. Open the Matter

Open the matter that you want to generate an invoice for. Click on the Accounts tab then click on the Fees & Disbursements sub tab.  

The Fees & Disbursements tab contains details of all of the fees, costs and disbursements which have been recorded on the matter. For details on how to record these items, please see:

2. Click New Invoice

Next click the New Invoice button.

The New Invoice window will now appear and will show all of the transactions for this matter which had the status of Billable - Next Invoice.

3. Select the Person/Sponsor who is to pay the invoice

If this matter has a Default Billable Person, the Invoice To box will be automatically filled with matter ID for the Default Billable Person. If you wish to bill the invoice to a different matter, select a matter from the Invoice To list or click the Select button. When you select a matter, the name and address for the matter will be added to the ‘Invoice To Details’ box. The information displayed here will be printed on the invoice itself. If you need to address the invoice to someone other than the business name/contact person for the matter, you can change the details in the ‘Invoice To’ box.

4. Review and Amend items

The invoice will automatically include all fees, disbursements and costs that have a billing status of ‘Billable – Next Invoice’. If you are satisfied with what is displayed, proceed to the next step. Alternatively you can click on an entry to edit the details, or to remove an item from the invoice, right click on the item and select ‘Remove from Invoice’.

Note: If you wish to include an item that hasn’t been included because its billing status was set to something other than ‘Billable – Next Invoice’, you will need to cancel the Invoice, change the billing status of the item you wish to include then start the invoice again.

5. Review available Client Funds

A unique feature of Migration Manager's Invoices is that you can specify and display on the invoice how you intend to use any available Client Funds / Trust Account funds to pay in the invoice. The aim of this is to try and reduce the chances of your client being confused about why they are receiving an invoice if they have already paid you a deposit. To view how the available client funds have been calculated, click the ? button. If tick to include the Invoice will display the available balance after the funds are applied.

6. Finish

When you have finished editing the invoice, you can either choose to ‘Save & Finalise’ or ‘Save & Close’.

  • If you choose ‘Save & Finalise the invoice will be marked as final and can no longer be edited – the program will also proceed to merge the invoice and save the document into this matter’s documents’ tab.
  • If you don’t wish to finalise the invoice, but would prefer to leave it in draft, choose ‘Save & Close’.

When finalising the Invoice, you have the ability to choose from different Invoice templates by clicking the dropdown arrown next to the Save & Finalise button. See How to Print an Invoice using different Templates

Note that if this is the first time you have printed an invoice, you will be asked if you want to customise the template. See: How to Customise Accounts Templates

If you have clicked Save & Finalise, the Invoice will now be merged in to either a Word or PDF document (depending on your preference settings)