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How to Receipt a Deposit against 1 or more Matters - without opening the Matter

When you receive a deposit in to a Client/Trust Account, you need to record that deposit and generate a Client Fund receipt. The 'global' New Client Fund Receipt allows you to create a receipt for money paid into the Client/Trust account in one transaction that is to be spread across one or multiple matters without having to open a matter.

Note if money is paid directly into the office account you should create an Office Account Receipt from the Ofice Account tab.

1. Click the Accounts button

In the main toolbar click the Accounts button and then click New Client Receipt.

2. New CF Receipt

The new Client Receipt window will appear.

3. Record the deposit details

Starting at the top of the receipt, complete each of the relevant sections:

3.1. Choose which Client Account

If you have multiple Client Accounts, you can choose which Client Account to record the deposit in.

3.2. Record the person making the Deposit

Type details of the person making the deposit in to the Client/Trust Account. Clicking the Select button will bring up a list of existing Clients/Matters you can choose from.

3.3. Record the payment type

This dropdown allows you to record the method in which you received payment.

Note that certain method types such as cash or cheque may ask you for additional information for audit purposes.

3.4. Record details of the Deposit

Next record details of what the deposit is for. To do this:

  1. First click the Matter ID column and the click the ... button to select the matter that the deposit is to be recorded against.
  2. Record details of the reason for the deposit
  3. Record the amount.
  4. If the deposit amount is made up of different parts, then record each element in the rows available by clicking the 'Click here to add a new row' button.

4. Click 'Save & Close'

To finish recording the receipt of the Funds, you can click Save & Close.

Note that if you want to print a copy of the Receipt, you should click the Print button prior to closing.

The amount(s) will now be recorded in the Client/Trust Account tab of the relevant matter(s).